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Howard Allen Kenyon

War: World War II
Service Dates: June 1942–Feb. 1946
Branch: United States Navy
Unit: Naval Air Transport Service
Service Locations: 
Norfolk, Virginia
Jacksonville, Florida
Tillamook, Oregon
Highest Rank: AMMP 1C
Medals/Special Service Awards: 
Victory Medal WW-2
Asiatic-Pacific Area
Good Conduct Medal
Birth Year: 1925
Place of Birth: East Point, Georgia


Mr. Kenyon also provided the following information about his military service:

When I joined the Navy in 1942 I was sent back to Norfolk, VA Boot Camp. There were 100 men in each Company. We were given a test and only 3 out of 100 tried to pass it. I was 1 of the 3 that tried and passed the test. The remaining 97 men did not try to pass the test as they wanted to get into combat ASAP. There were assigned to LSMs (Landing Ship Men) and were engaged in a landing in Italy. There were 97% casualties. I was sent to Chicago and attended aircraft propellor school. My services were in demand on Guam as I was the only aircraft propellor specialist available to the Naval Air Transport Service on Guam.

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