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Jerome Martin's photograph
Jerome Gordon Martin  

World War II
Cold War Germany
Service Dates: May 1941–Feb. 1961
Branch: United States Navy
Service Locations: 
South Pacific
Atlantic Fleet
Pacific Fleet
Highest Rank: Boilerman First Class (BTI)
Medals/Special Service Awards: 
American Campaign—Asiatic-Pacific with Four Stars
WWII Victory—Navy Occupation with Europe Clasp
National Defense Service—American Defense Medal
Birth Year: 1922
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois


Mr. Martin also provided the following information about his military service:

I spent four years (1949 to 1954) on patrol boats on the Rhine River Patrol, the last line of defense in case the Russians invaded the American Sector (during the Cold War). Served on four destroyers, two carriers, one destroyer tender and one fleet tanker. I've been to many ports in the Mediterranean Sea, East Coast of the US, many ports in the Pacific and the West Coast. I belong to the Fleet Reserve Association and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

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