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Robert James Zawrotny

War:  Korean
Service Dates:
  United States Air Force
Training Command
Mobile Training Group

Service Location:  

United States

Highest Rank:
Medals/Special Service Awards: 
Good Conduct Medal
Birth Year:
Place of Birth:
  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mr. Zawrotny also provided the following information about his military service:

Fresh out of high school and after a summer of sandlot baseball, I enlisted in the Army Air Force at Youngstown, Ohio in October of 1947. After completing Basic Training in Texas and 18 months of aircraft training school classes in Mississippi and Illinois, I wound up on the Island of Guam in June 1949.

My specialty was Instructor for all of the electrical equipment and wiring systems of the B-29 Bomber to ground crews and flight crews. Our tour on Guam was for seven months duration. During this time we weathered a Category 3-force typhoon.

In June 1950, back in Illinois, I was three months from discharge when the Korean War erupted. My disappointment at having to serve an additional year changed to enthusiasm when I was able to go to England with a B-50 Bomber Training Unit. During my six-month stay there, near Liverpool, I met my future wife-to-be.

I returned stateside in March of 1951 and was discharged in October. My English lady arrived shortly after and we were married in November. The marriage resulted in four children, one of whom became a captain in the United States Air Force.

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